Monday, December 31, 2007

The Mondays: It's Playoff Time

Happy New Years Eve

It is time to see who is playing on Wild Card weekend


#6 Washington Redskins at #3 Seattle Seahawks-- 4:30 PM ET on NBC- Just seeing the Redskins in the playoffs is huge considering all that they have been through this season. It will be hard for them going on the road to play a tough Seahawks team.

#5 Jacksonville Jaguars at #4 Pittsburgh Steelers-- 8 PM ET on NBC- The Jags have already beaten the Steelers at Heinz Field this year. Can they do it again?


#5 New York Giants at #4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers-- 1 PM ET on Fox- This game could go the Giants way, it all depends on which Eli Manning we see.

#6 Tennessee Titans at #3 San Diego Chargers-- 4:30 PM ET on CBS- A lot depends on the status of Vince Young. Obviously we will know soon enough, but for now I'm picking the Chargers.

Ehh, that's all folks


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