Friday, December 7, 2007

Washington Redskins Win An Emotional One Over Bears--Yet I Couldn't See It

The Washington Redskins defeated my beloved Chicago Bears by a score of 24-16. This is without a doubt an emotional win for the Redskins. Just days earlier was the emotional funeral of safety Sean Taylor. Nothing could be bigger for the Redskins than for them to go out there and win.

This was also a big win for the Redskins because it keeps them alive in the NFC Wild Card hunt. Every win is vital during the final month of the season.

The Bears

As for the Bears, if they weren't out of the hunt now, they might as well be now. I'm sure some of Bears fans have given up now at this point. To be honest, I gave up after the Sunday night debacle against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Bears are just flat out awful. Anybody who says that Grossman was the problem is wrong (that includes me). The offensive line is just offensive. Granted the defense has injury issues, but it shouldn't matter. They're not as good of a team as they were last year.

Didn't Watch The Game

Yes, I didn't watch the game. I live at college and we have cable. Therefore, no NFL Network for the dude from Oh No Romo!

This is a complete crock of crap! I can't watch my team suck it up on cable television, that's ridicoulous.

What's worse, my family has Direct TV and can watch the NFL Network, meanwhile I can't. Sure I could go to a bar, but it's crappy outside from the snow, I'm not going out, not before finals, that's for sure.

I could bitch and complain, but nothing will happen. I could start a petition, but it won't work. There's just some things where money wins.

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