Monday, December 3, 2007

The Mondays: What is up with that?

Happy Monday everybody. It's time for another edition of The Mondays, the most superfuntastic edition in the world.

Another crazy Sunday has come and left us. I will now do what I do best. What do I do best?
  • Buffalo Bills defeat Washington Redskins, 17-16- It was an emotional Sunday for the Redskins because it was their first game without Safety Sean Taylor, who died last week. To honor the fallen player, the Redskins lined up in a 10-man formation during the first defensive drive. It was an emotional moment for the Redskins, each week will only get tougher.

    Special Note: We will keep the memorial picture of Sean Taylor up on the Oh No Romo blog for the rest of the regular season. We will do so out of respect towards Taylor's family.
  • Seattle Seahawks defeat Philadelphia Eagles, 28-24- The Seahawks look to be back on track and will most likely win the NFC West.
  • Minnesota Vikings destroy Detroit Lions, 42-10- This wasn't even close, the Lions looked awful. One thing is for sure, the Vikings are a new threat in the NFC Wild Card hunt.
  • New York Jets defeat Miami Dolphins, 40-13- The Dolphins are now 0-12, waters that are very rarily charted. The last team to lose their first 12 games was the 2001 Detroit Lions. They would finish the season 2-14.

    Only the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only team to go winless in NFL History. That team would go 0-14. No team has ever gone 0-16.

    The final four games for the Dolphins work out like this: on the road against the Bills, at home against the Baltimore Ravens, on the road against the New England Patriots and at home against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Dolphins do have a chance to win all or some of these games. Prediction: The Dolphins will go 2-14.

Ehh, that's all folks


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