Monday, December 17, 2007

The Mondays: You've Been Pre-Accepted For a New Credit Card

Happy Monday to all you wild and crazy football hooligans out there in happy land. It's now only a week until Christmas and all the shopping stores are wild and out of control (until I show up). Week 15 certainly had some crazy moments, I can definitely guarantee that.
  • Cleveland Browns defeat Buffalo Bills, 8-0- What a crazy weather game. There was snow as far as I could see. At 9-5, the Browns are a serious threat to make the playoffs. The Browns go to Cincinnati next week and have a home finale against the San Francisco 49ers. They're in the sixth spot in the Wild Card, but the Browns do have a chance to overthrow the Steelers and win the Division crown.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Pittsburgh Steelers, 29-22- The Jags have it together. They have a reliable quarterback in David Garrard, an excellent running back combination and a great defense. Jack Del Rio has this team working on all cylinders. The Jags have the fifth seed wrapped up.

    As for the Steelers, things don't look good. They lost at home to a warm weather team. The Steelers couldn't stop Fred Taylor yesterday. The Steelers hold the tiebreaker advantage over the Browns, however one loss could spoil hopes of a division crown.

  • ROMO ALERT: Dallas Cowboys lose to Philadelphia Eagles, 10-6- Jim Johnson is a freakin genius. His defense figured out a way to shut down Tony Romo and the rest of the Cowboys offense. Plus, did anybody NOT notice Jessica Simpson at Cowboys Stadium yesterday, it seemed like they showed her every time in between plays. If you didn't see her, get your eyes checked. If the Cowboys win out against the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins, they'll have homefield advantage.

  • Miami Dolphins pick up first win of the season- First of all, I knew the Dolphins wouldn't go 0-16. I said they would go 2-14 and now they are half way there to making my prediction accurate. Now they have a chance to not get easily embarrassed against the New England Patriots next week. You might call me stupid, but I'm not counting out the Pats losing this Sunday. We'll see.

  • SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Washington Redskins defeat New York Giants, 22-10- This is a huge win for the Redskins because they are still alive in the NFC Wild Card hunt. At 7-7, wins over the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys would be huge for this team. As for the Giants, what the hell!?!?! The Giants have all the sudden fallen off the wagon taking them into the playoffs. Losing Jeremy Shockey doesn't help. The Bills and the Pats are their final two games. Just one win and they are in.
Week 16 will surely be a blast.


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