Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump Day: Losers Power Rankings: September 10, 2008

It's like what we did last year. For those who don't know, we choose the worst teams in football, instead of the best. Here is your top five for this week

  1. St. Louis Rams- They just got blown away against Philly. Steven Jackson might as well have been non-existent. The Rams need to get things on track or else they will stay at number one for a long while.

  2. Detroit Lions- They lost to the Atlanta Falcons, need I say more? Okay sure Jon Kitna had a good game, but it's not enough. They lost to a team that started a rookie at the quarterback.

  3. Oakland Raiders- They were awful on Monday night against the Broncos. The reason they are at number three is because of JaMarcus Russell's strong showing. The second year quarterback from LSU threw two touchdown passes in the losing effort. If the Raiders defense puts up more showings like that, they will hit number one in no time at all.

  4. Cincinnati Bengals- They have no defense and now it looks like they have no offense. Quarterback Carson Palmer was 10-of-25 for 99 yards and one interception. The Bengals had only eight first downs on Sunday.

  5. Minnesota Vikings- I don't know how long they'll be on this list for, but if they keep playing like they did on Monday night, they'll be there for a while.
I know this is a young list, but it should develop even more as the weeks progress.

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