Monday, September 29, 2008

The Mondays: Emotional day for Bryant

Week four saw many great moments. Some were good, some very emotional, some even surprising.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 - Green Bay Packers 21- This day belonged to Bucs kicker Matt Bryant, who lost his infant son unexpectedly earlier last week. Bryant kicked three key field goals, including a 24-yard go-ahead in the fourth quarter to help the Bucs win. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Bryant. He goes out on Sunday and plays. Should he have stayed home? I don't know because it is not up to me. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bryant and his wife during these tough times.

Buffalo Bills 31 - St. Louis Rams 14- The Rams are falling apart. Even the Rams know that they are unraveling. The Rams actually led this game at halftime, but they were shut out in the second half. Meanwhile, the Bills are in good shape, despite two straight scares against the Raiders and the Rams. However, a win against Arizona next week will put the Bills at 5-0 for the season, going into the bye week.

San Diego 28 - Oakland Raiders 18- So...Is Lane Kiffen going to be fired now? I give the Raiders credit, they stuck with the Chargers. This team has a lot of potential, but we'll see what happens now. I don't think Al Davis will fire him. I could be senile with that thought.

Romo Alert: Washington Redskins 26 - Dallas Cowboys 24- Okay, even I admit that I never saw this coming. The big story has to be the defense on the Cowboys side. They couldn't stop Jason Campbell in the air and they couldn't stop Clinton Portis on the ground. Are teams starting to figure out the Cowboys defense?

Sunday Night Recap: Bears defeat Eagles- I never saw this coming either. This was a defensive battle, but the offenses weren't that bad. Kyle Orton threw three touchdown passes on Sunday night, which only happens once in a blue moon. The Bears are now tied for first in the North with the win.

Monday Night Prediction: Pittsburgh over Baltimore

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