Monday, August 6, 2007

The Monday's: The Minnesota Vikings

Happy Monday, everybody. It's time to continue with the NFC North and with that we will do the Minnesota Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings, led by second year Head Coach, Brad Childress, went 6-10 last season, finishing in third place.

The Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson with the seventh pick in this year's draft. They will play such teams as the Eagles, the Cowboys, the Raiders, the 49ers and the Falcons.

Let's do some questions (Yearbook style):
  1. Tarvaris Jackson will lead the League in: Most interceptions
  2. Adrian Peterson will: Not be the next Robert Smith, but will still be a stud for all defenses to deal with
  3. First thoughts of Brad Childress: That man has the best moustache in the NFL (Cowher retired, Fisher has a beard)
  4. In 2007, Brooks Bollinger will: Go into the Real Estate business (In other words, sell his home in Minnesota and go elsewhere to be a back-up player)
  5. Top three coolest names currently on team or trying out: Erasmus James, Aundrae Allison and Vinny Ciurciu (Kenechi Udeze receives honorable mention)
  6. In 2007, Chad Greenway will: Explode on to the scene and be one of the top LB's in the NFC North
  7. Chester Taylor will: Struggle whlie Peterson shines
  8. The 'Party Boat Scandal' is: Officially gone, but forever in our hearts
  9. Kiss song that best describes the team: Rock And Roll All Nite (And PARTEY EVEREE Day)
  10. In 2007, the Vikings will: Go 7-9 and miss the playoffs.

Check me out tomorrow as I preview the Green Bay Packers



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