Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: Detroit Lions

Greetings and welcome to this Late Edition of Tuesday's with Romo. We are continuing to breakdown all 32 NFL Teams.

Today we get to discuss a team that has been so comedic in past years, its just sad. That's right I'm talking about the Detroit Lions. I don't know why this year should be any different.

The Lions, led by second year coach, Rod Marinelli, finished in last place, with a 3-13 season. They drafed WR, Calvin Johnson with their first round pick.

They will be facing such teams as the Raiders, the Eagles, the Giants and the Chiefs.

On with ye' burning questions (Yearbook style):
  1. Jon Kitna's prediction of 10 wins is: The funniest thing I've heard all day
  2. Is Kitna right: No. Is he ever right: Not in my eyes
  3. Biggest weakness for the Lions: Ehhhh the defense and the running game
  4. Calvin Johnson will: Have the most rookie offensive touchdowns this season
  5. Who is the best WR this year: Roy Williams (Mike Furrey because he's on my Fantasy team)
  6. When people think of Matt Millen they think of: A smart football guy stuck with a terrible team
  7. The offense will: Do ok (at least they don't have Mike Williams dropping passes)
  8. Kiss song that best represents team: N/A (Hey they are not worthy of Detriot Rock City)
  9. In 2007, the Lions will: Still stink, finish in last, go 5-11

Before you kids get your hopes up on the Lions, think about the seasons past.

I'll catch ya guys tomorrow.


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