Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: The Arizona Cardinals

Today, we get to discuss the Arizona Cardinals, yay. Or as I like to call it, the place where careers go to die. The Cardinals (surprisingly enough), finished in last place in the NFC West, going 5-11.

They have new changes to the coaching staff, out went Dennis Green, in came Ken Whisenhut, Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Cooridinator.

The Cardinals drafted OT Levi Brown out of Penn State in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

The Cardinals open up on the road on Monday night, against the 49ers. They play the Ravens, the Bucs and the Redskins on the road and the Lions, the Falcons and the Panthers at home.

Time for some Burnin Yearbook style questions:
  1. Ken Whisenhut's offense will: Be offensive alright (Just terrible)
  2. Most likely to pay the most alimony on the team: Matt Leinart
  3. Leinart will: Pay more in alimony then he will throw in yards (3,148 yards)
  4. Edgerrin James will: Struggle without an O-Line to protect him
  5. Team touchdown leader for 2007: Anquan Boldin
  6. Player who's career will most likely die under the Arizona sun: Kurt Warner (Happened already?)
  7. Defense will: Give up most touchdowns in the NFL
  8. 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: Anything for My Baby
  9. In 2007, the Cardinals will: Finish in last, go 6-10

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