Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hump Day: Final Loser Rankings of the season

Here we are, the last week for the loser rankings. We'll have the week 17 losers and then the final top five.

1. Detroit Lions- This really comes as no surprise. Any team that finishes the regular season 0-16 really does belong at number one. It's just common sense! I thought they could win one game, but sadly I was wrong. And while I do believe in the spirit of the Loser Rankings, no team should ever go winless. You have to put forth the effort to win at least one game.

2. Kansas City Chiefs- This team had such high hopes. I believed in this team and they fell apart. Hopefully they can get their act together for next season. The Chiefs have a lot of good talent. They're better than their record.

3. St. Louis Rams- The Rams just flat out had a bad year. Maybe something will change for the better.

4. Seattle Seahawks- This was just a bad year. I really think Mike Holmgren deserved a better year than this one.

5. Denver Broncos- You might be wondering why I don't have the Bengals on here, or even the Browns! The Broncos had a chance to wrap up the AFC West title for several weeks. They kept losing and losing. On Sunday night, they lost to the Chargers and were ultimately eliminated from any shot in the playoffs. As a result, Mike Shanahan was fired on Tuesday.

Now for the final season standings:

1. Detroit Lions- 73 points
2. Cincinnati Bengals- 42 points
3. Kansas City Chiefs- 39 points
4. St. Louis Rams- 33 points
5. Oakland Raiders- 12 points

Final Analysis: I know Raider fans are probably upset about being in the top five. They really did step it up towards the end. However, they did struggle and have some tough losses. I say be thankful they're in fifth. The Lions, were the clear runaway for this season. When you go 0-16, it makes perfect sense to have the highest points. The Bengals found themselves off of the top five for the final week of the season. I tip my hat to them. They really stepped it up towards the end.

That's all I have. I'll have a picks post for you guys on Friday.

Happy New Year!

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