Monday, December 1, 2008

The Mondays: Back from the break

Welcome back to the circus that is Oh No Romo! I'll be your ringmaster for this fun time. Okay, that was a little too much.

Tampa Bay 23 - New Orleans 20- The Bucs keep winning and winning! What is their secret? Is it Jeff Garcia? Is it Barrett Ruud? Somebody please explain it to me. All I know is that the Bucs are slowly becoming a legit threat in the NFC.

Carolina 35 - Green Bay 31- In my opinion, this had to be the game of the day. The Panthers went into halftime with a 21-10 lead. The Packers got back into the game fast, scoring 18 unanswered points. However, two fourth quarter touchdowns scored by DeAngelo Williams helped keep the Panthers in the playoff hunt. Big props to Aaron Rodgers though. He played great on Sunday, even though the Packers lost. He's not Brett Favre, he'll never be Favre. I think Rodgers will be a great quarterback in this league, despite what the Favre lovers might tell you.

Atlanta 22 - San Diego 16- Michael Turner won the battle between himself and his former Chargers teammate, LaDainian Tomlinson. Turner ran for 120 yards, while LT for 24 yards on 14 carries. This is clearly turning into a bad year for the Chargers. They still have a shot to win the AFC West, but they have to win out and hope the Broncos falter. Speaking of the Broncos...

Denver 34 - New York (Jets) 17- What's that? You say the Jets are good? Uh huh...Sure....

Kansas City 20 - Oakland 13- Congratulations to the Chiefs on their second win of the year.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Vikings beat Bears to take over lead in NFC North. D'OH!

Monday Night Prediction: Houston over Jacksonville

One Final Note: The Redskins honored Sean Taylor on Sunday with his entry into the Ring of Fame. It's hard to believe that Taylor has been gone for a year already. It just amazes me.

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