Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesdays with Romo: The best division in football?

In the NFL, we hear a lot about who's the best team, but we never really ask about the best division. Much like the BCS in college football, the best division isn't an exact science. You have to factor in many different ideas.

Let's start this based on record. If you play in the best division, then it makes the most sense that you're going to have a fairly decent record, even if you're in last place. Last season, the NFC East and AFC South each had all four teams finish .500 or better.

The NFC East is currently the only division in the NFL this year with all four teams over .500. The AFC East and the NFC South each have three teams over .500 and one team at .500.

There is no guarantee that any division will have all four teams finish better than .500 for the year. In fact, since the league re-aligned in 2002, it hasn't happened yet. This season though, you never know. The Eagles and the Redskins need two more wins, while the Cowboys only one, to complete the task. Therefore, if you're looking at records, the NFC East is the best.

If you're a good team, you win on the road. The Giants went on the road in the playoffs last season and took it all the way to the Super Bowl. The Steelers did the same exact thing just two seasons prior. Last season, the NFC East won a combined 23 games on the road.

Up to this point of this season, the AFC South has the most road wins with 15 (Note: I typed this post before the ending of the Monday Night Football game from last night). The NFC East is in a close second with 14 road wins. As of right now, the edge goes to the AFC South in this category.

There is no exact science to this and I hope to pursue more angles on the quest to find the best division in football.

Photo Credit: Associated Press/NFL.com

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