Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hump Day: More Loser Rankings

1. Detroit Lions- They got blown away on Thanksgiving. It certainly doesn't help their cause to hold on to their Thanksgiving Day game. I think Rod Marinelli will be gone after this season.

2. Cincinnati Bengals- They have Indy and Washington in their next two games. Their final two games are at Cleveland and against Kansas City. I think they can win at least one more game, but the train is leaving and I get the feeling Marvin Lewis is leaving town.

3. Kansas City Chiefs- They got their second win, but they're still in third place in the rankings. Herm Edwards will stay on board.

4. St. Louis Rams- Arizona, Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta are left on the schedule. I think the Rams can get one more win. Jim Haslett, will probably not stay on.

5. Seattle Seahawks- They get Matt Cassel and the Patriots next, however I think the Patriots only win by 20 points.

Now time for the Loser of the Year rankings...

1. Detroit Lions- 53 points

2. Cincinnati Bengals- 35 points

3. Kansas City Chiefs- 24 points

4. St. Louis Rams- 22 points

5. Oakland Raiders- 11 points

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Raiders fall from the fifth spot soon. The Lions have to win out in order to not finish the season number one.

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