Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roid Rage on the Putting Greens?

What a better way to discuss the first round of The Open Championship then by talking about Golfers on Steroids.

Former Golfer, Gary Player, has claimed that he knows of one golfer who is knowingly taking steroids. He won't say who because he had to do a Pinkie Swear with the golfer who told him.

First baseball players, then professional wrestlers, now GOLFERS!?!?!

Who could it possibly be? Well it can't be him.

Yep it's only a matter of time until Congress investigates the negligence of roids in golf. They'll bring the culprits to justice.

Let's be real, if steroids can help improve a golf swing, millions of middle-aged men would be flocking to Tijuana, or they'd visit this guy.

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