Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: The Tennessee Titans

Happy July 31st, everybody. We are continuing to hold NFL Preview's now that everybody is entrenched into training camp. Today we get to preview the Titans.

The Titans finished the year 8-8 and tied for second place in the AFC South, just missing the playoffs.

One of the bright spots has been QB Vince Young, who will be on the Madden '08 cover. They drafted S Michael Griffin out of Texas, with their first round pick.

By now we all know about Pacman Jones being suspended for the year, so I won't get into that. Oh wait, yes I will, because we have the questions (Yearbook style):
  1. In 2007 Jeff Fisher will: Keep his job and his moustache (or beard)
  2. Pacman Jones' new wrestling name will be: Skippy (couldn't think of anything else)
  3. The RB for the Titans in 2007 will be: Vince Young
  4. The QB for the Titans in 2007 will be: Vince Young
  5. The Madden Cover Curse will cause Vince Young to: Score touchdowns and win games
  6. Most likely to be on 'Dancing with the Stars': Lendale White
  7. The Kiss song that best describes the team: Hotter than Hell
  8. In 2007 the Titans will: Go 9-7, just missing the playoffs.

See you folks tomorrow


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