Monday, July 23, 2007

Tuesday with Romo: The NFL Preview Show Extravaganza: Indianapolis Colts

Here at ONROMO, we are HUGE football fans. We believe that football makes the world go round, helps lead to world peace and brings puppies to everybody (ok maybe not the last two, but you get the point).

To honor the great football season arriving, we are doing a report on all 32 teams. No it won't be anything like you see anywhere else. We here at Oh No Romo have our own ways of breaking down the regular season.

First up is the defending Super Bowl Champion, Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts finished the year 12-4, winning the AFC South. They defeated the Chicago Bears (sniffle) at Super Bowl XLI.

They get to play New England, San Diego, Denver, New Orleans and Baltimore this year. They open up against the Saints. They drafted Anthony Gonzalez out of THE Ohio State University, in the first round.

Now time for our ultimate questions (Yearbook Style):

  1. Most likely to win another Super Bowl? Peyton Manning

  2. Most likely to run for 1,000 yards this season? Joseph Addai
  3. Biggest story for the season? The porous run defense

  4. Most likely to star in a ton of commercials? Peyton Manning for a second straight year.

  5. The 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: King of the Night Time World.

  6. The Oh No Romo Excellence Award for Excellence goes to: Peyton Manning

  7. The Oh No Romo Oops Award will go to: Not Peyton Manning

  8. In 2007, the Colts will: Win the AFC South, but lose in the AFC Title Game

That's all the questions that need to be answered. Come back on Wednesday, when we discuss the Cincinnati Bengals.

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