Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vick Faces Toughest Challenge Yet

It is not a good day to be Michael Vick. The Atlanta Falcons Quarterback and is charged on two counts related to Dogfighting at his Virginia home.

According to the Federal Grand Jury Indictment, Vick was charged with Conspiracy to travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activites and Sponsoring a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture.

No doubt about it, Vick is in a heap of trouble. This is a nightmare for Vick as well as the Falcons organization. Questions surround this situation now more than ever since the indictment was released.

This much is known, Vick's career is in jeopardy, it would take a miracle for him to beat this case and improve his image. He's had a tough year thus far and things have just gotten worse.

Dogfighting is a serious offense in this country and Vick could be doing some serious time. The only thing is we don't know the evidence, after all all people are innocent until proven guilty and Mike Vick is certainly no different.

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