Friday, November 2, 2007

College Football Picks

Yes, I know it is late, but it is Friday night and it's quiet. I have nothing to do and no parties to go to (like I go to parties anyway). The only thing I can really do is just write. Therefore, writing is what I shall do. Okay I am wrong. I am just picking games because I haven't done that this week.
  • Ohio State over Wisconsin- It will be a close one and we will see if the Buckeyes can hold on to their #1 ranking.
  • Kansas over Nebraska- Does anybody else want to see if Mangino is a Weeble-Wobble?
  • Oregon over Arizona State- Seriously though, it would be fun.
  • LSU over Alabama- People all over the world are doing the latest dance craze....It's called, The Dorsey!
  • Boston College over Florida State- Ehhh, I got nothing.

Thank you, here's AC/DC on your Friday night.


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