Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time to Make the Picks. I Made the Picks

I made my college football picks earlier tonight and now I will finish off the rest of the picks with some from the NFL. I'm headed home tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. This will be my final posting before I head out for the weekend. So enjoy it while you can, because I won't be back until you come down with The Mondays.

THANKSGIVING PICKS (I have to do these separate):
  • Green Bay Packers over Detroit Lions
  • Dallas Cowboys over New York Jets
  • Indianapolis Colts over Atlanta Falcons

Okay, time for the rest of the weekend:

  • Buffalo Bills over Jacksonville Jaguars
  • St. Louis Rams over Seattle Seahawks- Three whole in a row
  • Denver Broncos over Chicago Bears
  • Oakland Raiders over Kansas City Chiefs
  • Baltimore Ravens over San Diego Chargers

Happy Turkey Day to everybody


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