Saturday, November 3, 2007

College Football Update: Forget it, He's on a Roll

It's that time of the night, most of the games are over (except on the west coast). Shall we do a recap for the rest of the day? (Yes)

Fair enough:
  • Kansas kicks the crap out of Nebraska, 79-36- .....Tom Osbourne on line 1.....
  • Navy beats Notre Dame, 46-44 in triple overtime- Notre Dame wasn't ready to give up their winning streak over Navy. They needed another three periods of play to enjoy those final moments of the streak.
  • LSU beats Alabama, 41-34- Take THAT Nick Saban!
  • Missouri continues to make the state of Colorado cry, wins 55-10- Missouri and Kansas to settle who plays in the Big 12 title game, three weeks from now.
  • Michigan comes back, beats Michigan State 28-24- Hey that's almost like the movie 300!
  • Oregon defeats Arizona State, 35-23- Look at them Ducks go.
  • Florida State upsets Boston College, 17-7- Ahhh crap!

That's all for tonight. Take care.


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