Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Friend Needs Help This Thanksgiving

From my friend at Baseball Etcetera:


Yesterday we were served with an eviction notice with 48 hours to pay or move out of our apartment. Just in case we can't come up with the money I wanted to let the readers know what happened if there are no more posts forthcoming from Baseball Etcetera.

If we cannot come up with the money by tomorrow we may be forced to move out with only the barest necessities. If there are no more posts I want to thank everyone for reading Baseball Etcetera which started in May of 2004.

May God bless each reader if we are unable to write again. There is still a slim chance of not being evicted but as of today the future looks very bleak.

Thank you for understanding,


This is a terrible situation. Andrew is a terrific writer and a terrific American. Here's some of his bio.

Served in Hawaii and Vietnam with the 25th Administration Company of the 25th Infantry Division from June 1963 till May 1966 as a postal clerk. Retired newspaper production worker having worked 36 years for Alexandria, Louisiana Town Talk.

Have been fortunate enough to see Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Ted Williams in baseball games in Kansas City back in the 60's.Also have seen Elvis Presley, Beach Boys,Righteous Brothers, Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn,Merle Haggard, Buck Owens,Johnny Cash and seen Julie Newmar, Stefanie Powers and Sue Thompson in person.

Enjoy southern gospel music especially the Dove Brothers Quartet. Like listening to old time radio shows from the 30's, 40's and 50's and like easy listening music by Diana Krall and Frank Sinatra. Emails can be sent to

The man proudly served his country and that is a very honorable thing for him to do. Now he needs your help. Spread the word if you can. Or check out the originator of this article over at Armchair GM. (Thanks TB)

Please do what you can.

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Marc said...

I hope that your friend's issues are resolved as soon as possible.