Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Briefs: A two for one special; Available this Tuesday

Today is one of those rare two for one specials. I will be picking some college football games and some NFL games. I'll start with the college picks.

I had my first 4-1 week in a long time over the weekend. This makes me happy. I could dance. My goal this week is to go 5-0.
  • Georgia over Auburn- The team that scores the most points, wins the game.
  • Missouri over Texas A&M- The Tigers want to make the Big 12 North a crapshoot.
  • Michigan over Wisconsin- I honestly could see this game going either way, but Big Blue needs this one.
  • California over USC- Yeah, that's a crazy pick.
  • Boston College over Maryland- This better work out.

Time for the NFL picks.

I WENT 5-0 LAST WEEK, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! Sorry, I got a little excited there, I don't ordinarily go 5-0. This is truly a terrific treasure for me and gives me confidence and hope for the rest of the season.

  • Green Bay Packers over Minnesota Vikings- A 3-5 team that runs the football or a 7-1 team that struggles to run the football, which do I choose? Does that 7-1 team have Brett Favre? It does, just checking.

  • Detroit Lions over Arizona Cardinals- BAKA SURVIVOR!!!!
  • Oakland Raiders over Chicago Bears- I need a reason to believe the Bears can win.
  • New Orleans Saints over St. Louis Rams- The Rams risk going 0-9.
  • New York Giants over Dallas Cowboys- I shouldn't go against my namesake, but I do think the Giants have a legitimate shot at home and the potential is there for some sweet revenge.

Ehhh, that's all folks


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