Friday, November 9, 2007

Rams face tough challenge in Saints

The St. Louis Rams face a tough team following their bye week as they head down to the ‘Big Easy’ to take on the New Orleans Saints.

After starting the regular season 0-4, the Saints have reeled off four straight wins and are tied for second in the NFC South.

Offense Tale of the Tape

The Saints offense will be a tough task for the Rams. During their four game winning streak, the Saints have scored at least 20 points. Last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Saints put up 41 points.

The Rams offense continues to be dismal. They are the worst scoring offense in the NFL, with only 12 points per game. Even more stunning is the fact that the Rams have scored a total of 99 points on the season. The Rams are the only team in the NFL not to have scored at least 100 points, this season.

The rushing game for the Rams has been terrible. They have the fourth worst rushing yards per game in the NFL. Only the Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears
are worse in that category.

Defense Tale of the Tape

Both defenses are similar; neither team is even close to being terrific. The Saints give up 23 points per game, while the Rams give up 27 points per game.

The Rams have given up a total of 219 points this season, worst in the NFC. The Saints have given up 186 points this season, tied for second worst in the NFC.

The Saints run defense will definitely be a challenge for running back Steven Jackson. The Saints are giving up 97 yards per game, 10th best in the NFL.

In the Saints four straight victories, the defense has given up a total of 173 yards on the ground. In eight games this season, only one running back has ran for more than 100 yards on the Saints run defense. Joseph Addai of the Indianapolis Colts gets the credit.

Little out for defense

The Rams put Leonard Little on the injured reserve this week after it was announced that he would get surgery to repair a torn ligament in his toe.

Rookie Dustin Fry is expected to replace Little in the line up.

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