Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mondays: Back from a couple of days off

Greetings to all who come in here and read my wonderful crap everyday. I am back from my Thanksgiving break. I enjoyed my time off and I hope everyone else did as well. Time for the recap:

  • Chicago Bears defeat Denver Broncos in OT, 37-34- Let me start out by saying this, I don't know what to believe anymore. Beardo led two late drives downfield to give the Bears the victory in overtime. I don't know what to think anymore.

    I do know this, all those promos that tell all NFL fans to "Send their favorite player to Hawaii" have convinced me to vote Grossman in to the Pro Bowl. Before you go and accuse me of taking crack, hear me out.

    My plan is to vote Grossman to the Pro Bowl. Once he gets in, he will be lost in Hawaii and I will never see him in a Bears uniform again. It's an evil plan, but I am an evil man.
  • New England Patriots defeat Philadelphia Eagles, 31-28 - Thank you for playing the game otherwise known as "YOU......CAN'T.........WIN!!!!!" You don't get a prize, but thank you for playing. Message from FBI Director: Winners don't use drugs!

    Seriously though, will the Patriots lose? Here is a look at their remaining schedule:

    Baltimore Ravens- They will be spotted 15 points, 20 if Kyle Boller starts.

    Pittsburgh Steelers- They have some hope. Only some though.

    New York Jets- No loss is worse than one to a division foe. If the Mangini's come to play, there is some hope. But Big Bad Bill is looking for some revenge for the SpyGate controversy.

    Miami Dolphins- There is a ton of pressure on this team to win a game. There will be even more pressure on them to beat the Patriots and keep them from going undefeated.

    New York Giants- There's somewhat of a chance, but nobody will know since half of the country can't get the NFL Network.
  • Oakland Raiders defeat Kansas City Chiefs, 20-17- Major props to Chiefs rookie Kolby Smith, he had 150 yards rushing against the Raiders. The Chiefs certainly won't have to worry about the running back position now.
  • Cleveland Browns defeat Houston Texans, 27-17- Why aren't people talking about Derek Anderson? He already has 22 touchdown passes this season, fourth best in the NFL. Plus wide receiver Braylon Edwards has 11 touchdown receptions this season, tied for third best in the NFL.

    We need to give this team some more love. They have a favorable schedule and have an opportunity to make the playoffs.

That's all the time I have.



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