Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Briefs: Some Football Picks

Happy Friday to everybody. TGIF man. I need to make some football picks. I haven't been too hot. I have cooled down quite considerably. I should make better picks OR keep making stupid ones.

  • Green Bay Packers over Kansas City Chiefs- This one is a tough one to pick. I can honestly see it going either way.
  • Buffalo Bills over Cincinnati Bengals- LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT!!!!
  • Cleveland Browns over Seattle Seahawks- Cleveland wants to rock and they will against the Seahawks on Sunday.
  • New England Patriots over Indianapolis Colts- PATS GOING 8-0....RUN AWAY BILL & TOM ARE GOING TO DESTROY THE WORLD!!!!!
  • Washington Redskins over New York Jets- Kellen Clemens, Roger Clemens, does it really make a difference?



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