Monday, November 19, 2007

The Mondays: Down with the Sickness

Happy Monday to you all. I shall now do the weekly report.

  • ROMO ALERT: Dallas Cowboys defeat Washington Redskins, 28-23- Stats: 22 of 32, 293 yards and four touchdowns.

  • Sunday Night Recap: New England Patriots destroy Buffalo Bills, 56-10- Lost in this blowout was the video speech of Bills tight end Kevin Everett. It was an emotional moment for the Bills, but it wasn't enough to stop the new "Evil Empire."

  • Brown-tastic: Cleveland Browns defeat Baltimore Ravens in OT, 33-30- This is the best story in the NFL. I hope the Browns can clinch a wild card spot.

  • Two in a row: St. Louis Rams defeat San Francisco 49ers, 13-9- The Rams are on fire now. Imagine if they beat the Seahawks last week, how crazy would that be?

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